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by Greg Siskind

Morton Resigning Position as Head of ICE

The pro-immigration community is certainly not weeping over this news. To be fair to Morton, he was in a pretty tough position. The White House pushed the toughest crackdown on illegal immigration in history and ICE under Morton deported more in four years than President George W. Bush did in the prior eight years. But the GOP never acknowledged this and has been riding ICE hard for not doing much more. And now he's facing an open mutiny from uber-conservative ICE union members who are ignoring their responsibility to play a neutral role in the immigration debate and are openly siding with the anti-immigrant wing of the GOP. I'm sure he'll be happy to get out of the limelight.

Cruz Plans to Push Voter ID Amendment to Immigration Bill

Well, this is not going to help the GOP as it fights the image of being the anti-Latino party. This morning, the Supreme Court invalidated by a whopping 7-2 margin Arizona's voter ID law which requires documenting citizenship when registering to vote. Ted Cruz wants to invalidate the court's ruling by changing federal law via amending the Senate's immigration bill.

Report: Boehner Won't Bring Up Immigration Bill Unless Majority of Republicans Support It

Some may think this spells doom for immigration reform. But remember that if the House passes piecemeal bills that are capable of getting a majority vote, then it would go to a conference with the Senate where a compromise bill would be negotiated and then another vote would take place in both Houses. So don't give up hope.

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