AILA and Election Results

Harry DeMell

It is time for the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association’s (AILA) annual conference where the election results for their officers and board members will be announced. The results should be announced in numbers not just a list of winners.

It has been the policy of AILA to just announce the results without giving out the numbers. No democracy I have ever heard of would do this. Even dictatorial regimes such as communist, Islamic, or military announce results even if they do stack the deck in their favor. I have never heard of any other organization do this.

I am not saying that AILA is any of these things but I am saying that for an election to be fair and open an accounting needs to take place.

In the interest in a fair and open election, in the interest of good democracy and in the interest of a transparent process we need an election where all the results are open to all. Those who compile the results should be available to explain them at the annual meeting and it might also be wise to break the vote down by chapter.

Anything less would demean our organization and all that it stands for.

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Harry DeMell is an Attorney practicing exclusively in the area of Visa, Immigration and Nationality Law since 1977.

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