Kenneth Rinzler For AILA Treasurer

Harry DeMell

I endorse Kenneth Rinzler for AILA treasurer. I do this for the good of the organization and in the interest of diversity.

AILA has become stale. Some might say that is has become a mutual admiration society where acceptance and entrance into the workings require acceptance of the 'party line'.

If AILA stands for anything it is diversity. We have members from all races, religions, ethnic backgrounds, gender and sexual preferences. What we don't have and need desperately is diversity of thought.

Those who vote for the designated party candidate do so not in the name of diversity but in the name of continuity. Continuity supports an organization that has little or no imput into the current debate over immigration reform. Continuity supports salaries and perks of our hired leaders and has taken AILA from a non-profit organization to a corporation that exists for its own purposes.

Whether or not you agree with everything Ken stands for is not the question. If we are to have change we can believe in we need to have new ideas and new people who will challenge our organization to improve and become more relevant, more responsive to our members needs and more diverse in ideas. We need more debate and the status quo needs to be challenged. Kenneth Rinzler will bring that to AILA.

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Harry DeMell is an Attorney practicing exclusively in the area of Visa, Immigration and Nationality Law since 1977.

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