First Senate Hearing on Immigration Bill Delayed Until Friday

by Greg Siskind

First Senate Hearing on Immigration Bill Delayed Until Friday

The bill is still expected to be introduced on Tuesday, but the initial Senate hearing on the bill has been pushed back a couple of days to give Senators more time to read the bill. A second hearing will happen next Monday.

New Poll Confirms Legalized Immigrants Likely To Easily Assimilate

Latino Decisions and America's Voice have a new polling that should help make the argument that the millions of people who would be helped by a legalization program are likely to quickly integrate in to American culture once they have the chance.

From America's Voice:

Today, Latino Decisions released an initial installment of this poll, showing the undocumented community’s deep ties to American citizens, their reasons for migrating to the United States and their strong desire to become full-fledged American citizens.  As Latino Decisions lays out in a blog post about the poll, “85% of undocumented immigrants have a family member who is a US citizen” and “77% came to the United States for better economic opportunity or to create a better life for their family.”  Additionally, “When asked what they would do if the law changed to allow a process for them to eventually apply for citizenship, an overwhelming 87% indicated their intention to become a U.S. citizen.”


The antis for years have tried to paint those here without status as invaders who don't embrace our values. But that is really not the case at all.

Watch "The Dream is Now" if you Need to Be Reminded Why Immigration Reform is So Important

I just finished watching Davis Guggenheim's beautiful documentary The Dream is Now which premiered yesterday on MSNBC and which can now be streamed online. The documentary film follows several young people all trapped in the same situation - growing up in the United States but having no legal immigration status. The stories are moving and there is, of course, a feeling of optimism as the narrator talks about developments over the last few months. But until we pass immigration reform, none of the individuals profiled can have any peace. Kudos to Mr. Guggenheim for taking on immigration reform after his films An Inconvenient Truth and Waiting for Superman changed public attitudes regarding climate change and education reform. Let's hope his latest effort has the same impact.


Legislators in 16 States Introducing Resolutions Endorsing Immigration Reform

The National Immigration Working Group, a group of 124 legislators from 41 states, has announced that resolutions in 16 states have or will be introduced endorsing comprehensive immigration reform. And they're not just the blue states. Resolutions are being introduced in places like North Dakota, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Missouri.

"The fact that so many state lawmakers are now standing up in support of comprehensive immigration reform should send a message to Congress: Americans support comprehensive reform that has a path to citizenship for all 11 million aspiring citizens currently living in the shadows that is as inclusive and accessible as possible," said State Senator Angela Giron (Colorado), Chair of the National Immigration Working Group. "Just three years after SB1070, we are now seeing a groundswell of support from the states for immigration reform with a path to citizenship that is bipartisan in nature."
Of course, this doesn't mean these states are suddenly going to wipe from the books some of the anti-immigrant measures passed in recent years. But it is a welcome development that pro-immigration legislators are getting organized and pushing back.

The following is a list of states that have seen resolutions introduced or announced:

Arizona: SR 10001 
Florida: S 816 
Georgia: HR 912 
Hawaii: HCR 67 
Oklahoma: HR 1014 
Oregon: HJM 11 
Texas: HCR 44 and SCR 15 

Passed at least one chamber: 
New Jersey: AR 142 and SR 95 
New Mexico: HM 30 and SJM 52
Nevada: SJR 15 

Colorado (Sen. Giron) 
Illinois (Rep. Berrios) 
Missouri (Rep. Gina Mitten) 
New York 
North Carolina (Rep. Glazier) 
North Dakota (Sen. Mathern)

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