Still No Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill

by Tahmina Watson

Like many, I am anxiously awaiting the first draft of a comprehensive immigration reform bill. From various news reports, it seemed like today might have been the day to see it. Alas, that is not the case.

I felt elated when I saw this headline: House Democrats Present Immigration Overhaul Plan- a New York Times article. Seeing the headline, I instantly got excited and thought at least the House has their bill out. Perhaps it is like a competition for them, I thought. But my hopes were dashed as I started to read the article. I felt teased and tricked. The article talks about their ‘blue print’- not the details of the laws they are proposing.

At this point, whether it is the House or Senate, it is pretty clear what the blue print will roughly look like. President Obama had already set the blue print out in his speech several months ago.

It does seem negotiations are still ongoing. Today seems to be the day that a final agreement has been made with farmers about wages and visa caps. Today also seems to be the day that Facebook founder Zuckerberg launched (Forward U.S), an effort to lobby about high-skilled immigration needs.

While I may disheartened today, I am sure next week holds promise. Next Tuesday has been declared the day the bill will be presented. At least, that is what Reuters was told. I shall no doubt be watching this space closely.

Originally posted on the Watson Immigration Law Blog. Reprinted with permission.

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Tahmina Watson is an immigration attorney and founder of Watson Immigration Law in Seattle Washington. She was a practicing barrister in London, UK, before immigrating to the United States herself. While her practice includes family-based and employment-based immigration, she has a strong focus on immigrant entrepreneurs and start-up companies. She can be contacted at You can visit to learn about Tahmina and her practice.

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