Oh Hear Ye, Oh Hear Ye - Be Forewarned

by Joseph Whalen

As of the date cited in the Federal Notice of April 1, 2013, all practitioners before the Immigration Courts and the BIA must register with EOIR on or about May 31, 2013. The exact process is not yet spelled out but is not hard to guess. Guess what boys and girls, it will most likely be ELECTRONICALLY! EOIR has been working on just such a system for quite a few years now (look it up as CASE).

Per the most recent FR Notice of April 1, 2013: "….The final rule provides that the Director may establish registration procedures, including a requirement for electronic registration, and may administratively suspend from practice before EOIR any attorney or accredited representative who fails to provide certain registration information... "

This should not come as a surprise or cause any outcry BUT of course it will because of baby faces and old farts who cannot grasp the reality of the world around them. For crying out loud people, your groceries have been scanned for how many years? Why shouldn’t your various “services”? And in this case it would help the courts and practitioners balance their workloads better. As Martha would say, “It’s a good thing.”

That’s my two cents, for now.


About The Author

Joseph Whalen is not an attorney. He is a former government employee who is familiar with the INA. His education is in Anthroplogy with a concentration in Archaeology and has both a BA (from SUNY Buffalo) and an MA (from San Francisco State University) in Anthroplogogy. He previously worked as an Archaeologist for the U.S. Forest Service before becoming an Adjudicator with INS which became USCIS.

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