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by Carl Shusterman

April 2013 Visa Bulletin: Some Welcome News

The Visa Bulletin for April 2013 contains some welcome news for certain persons immigrating through the employment-based preference categories.  The worldwide EB-3 category advances 2 months, 3 months for persons born in the PRC and 2 weeks for those born in India.

The news on the EB-2 category is mixed.  While EB-2 worldwide remains current and EB-2 PRC advances six weeks, EB-2 India does not move forward at all.

The family-based categories all advance slowly, from one to five weeks.  The only exception is the first preference category (unmarried adult sons and daughters of US citizens) Philippines which advances four months.  

The charts below tell the story in more detail:   


Categories Worldwide China (PRC) Mexico Philippines
1st 3-8-06 3-8-06 8-1-93 2-15-99
2A 12-15-10 12-15-10 12-1-10 12-15-10
2B 4-8-05 4-8-05 2-22-93 7-15-02
3rd 7-22-02 7-22-02 3-22-93 10-1-92
4th 5-1-01 5-1-01 9-1-96 8-15-89


Categories Worldwide China (PRC) India Mexico Philippines
1st Current Current Current Current Current
2nd Current 4-1-08 9-1-04 Current Current
3rd 7-1-07 4-22-07 12-8-02 7-1-07 9-8-06
Unskilled 7-1-07 8-21-03 12-8-02 7-1-07 9-8-06
4th Current Current Current Current Current
Religious Current Current Current Current Current
5th Current Current Current Current Current


See the entire visa bulletin including information about the movement of the green card lottery numbers.

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