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by Matthew Kolken

ICE Using a Computer Program to Determine whether to Detain Immigrants

My colleague Chuck Kuck recently told me that he heard that ICE has been using an automated computer program to assess the risk of releasing immigrants from custody. *I hadn't heard about it so I did a little digging. Chuck was right. *Last July ICE implemented*a new automated Risk Classification Assessment "instrument"*to "improve transparency and uniformity in detention custody and classification decisions."

ICE has incorporated the automated computer program right into the "book-in" process. *ICE claims that "objective criteria" are being utilized "to guide decision making" and further consideration is given to "any special vulnerability" to aid in the determination of whether someone should be taken to immigration detention. *If the computer determines that you should be detained a custody classification level is assigned to you, which undoubtedly impacts the amount of bond being set, or if you will be held without bond.

I haven't been able to get my fingers on any further information detailing the specific factors utilized in the program, but ICE claims that they "reflect the agency's civil enforcement priorities."

Isn't that comforting.

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