Arizona's Four Republican Horsemen Against Immigration Reform

by Roger Algase

Bloggings: Arizona's Four Republican Horsemen Against Immigration Reform. By Roger Algase

A February 19 Politico news story, Senate immigration draft rejected by Arizona Republicans, reports that all four Arizona Republican House members have sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner opposing any discussion of immigration reform until "after first securing our borders". This is the same line that the Republicans have taken toward immigration reform for most of the past decade or more prior to last November's election, except for the brief time in 2007 when immigration moderates such as Senator John McCain and President George W. Bush supported an unsuccessful attempt at bipartisan reform.

But there WAS*an election last November. Someone should tell that to the four Arizona Republican horsemen of opposition to immigration reform, Representatives Matt Salmon, Trent Franks, Paul Gosar and David Schweikert.

It might also be helpful to remind the Republican members of the Senate Group of Eight and other supporters of permanent unauthorized immigrant underclass poison pills, which are only a slightly more sophisticated way to derail immigration reform. Otherwise, immigration reform opponents might need to learn their lesson again in 2014 or, without any doubt, in 2016.

The four Arizona Republican Congressmen are not the only horsemen in their party who are out riding against any kind of real immigration reform.*The split in the GOP over reform is essentially between the hard liners who oppose any reform at all, and the more "moderate" RINO's (Republicans In Name Only, as the hard liners like to call them), who support another kind of RINO - Reform In Name Only.

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