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Chris Musillo


by*Chris Musillo

Occupational*Therapist*candidates*are reminded that the filed of*Occupational*Therapy*raised its minimum*educational*standard on January 1, 2013. *All*applications*that are postmarked after January 1, 2013 can only be filed by Masters Degree prepared OTs. *

The NBCOT*reminds*applicants*that starting July 31, Occupational*Therapy*Education*Determination*(OTED) applicants who do not hold a master's degree in*Occupational*Therapy*will be deemed*incomplete.*

An application is deemed incomplete when one or more of the documentation requirements remains outstanding:

•Official Final Transcript

•Official course descriptions and course syllabi with date of degree completed on syllabi

•Verification of Academic Credential Form

•Program Director Form

•Verification of OT License, Registration, Certification or Other Form*of Official Government Recognition Request form

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