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by Greg Siskind

Rubio is First Out of the Gate With Immigration Specifics

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio said he was in favor of piecemeal immigration reform, but he's now promoting a strategy that is almost comprehensive. He would like to introduce several bills instead of a comprehensive one. But it sounds like he's not pushing a go slow pass one bill and wait a while until the next approach. And he says he could live with a comprehensive bill even if it is not his preference. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he's promoting an immigration legislative strategy with the following features:

- increase green card numbers for highly skilled immigrants

- create a modernized agricultural worker program for permanent and temporary workers

- an e-Verify mandate

- Stronger border enforcement provisions, but no preconditions

- legalize people who pay fines, do community service, pay back taxes, etc.

- legazlized individuals likely will possibly get a path to green cards and citizenship and it won't take forever; they must get in the back of the line between people currently waiting on green cards

- DREAMers will get an expedited path

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