Bloggings On Political Asylum

by Jason Dzubow

Nov 26, 2012

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    Back atcha!

    The same argument can more effectively be used to counter all the "open-border" types on this site. Do you not see any similarity between the fate of the native inhabitants in the Americas as ever-increasing numbers of Europeans arrived and settled in the country and the present situation in the U.S.?
    We are experiencing the very same phenomenon right now in the United States with the migrating hordes of illiterate and unskilled Spanish-speaking peoples from Mexico, Central America, et al, pouring into the country legally and illegally. Anthropologists and demographers recognize that there are demographic "tipping-points"...that line which, when crossed, flips the receiving society in favor of the arriving immigrants. We know empirically that this is true, whether or not Americans want to recognize it and it can happen (and will happen) here. Even now, there are large areas of some states and cities, and some entire towns, that have become, through immigration alone, not military conquest, de facto extensions of northern Mexico. Many of these places as recently as ten years ago had never seen a Mexican; I cite for you Siler City here in North Carolina, Liberty, IA, Sanford NC, and countless others: including all of south Texas, most of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of New England and the Midwest. There can be no doubt that Spanish is presently the de facto second official language in the country and we now have, in Greensboro NC, magnet schools in which American children may go from k-9 all in Spanish.
    That this is resented and rejected by large numbers of Americans is perfectably understandable except to the writers on this site. There is not a nation or people on this earth which would willingly welcome their country being transformed by an immigrant alien horde. The American native peoples did not, and we praise and admire them for their brave albeit futile resistance while at the same time white Americans who do the same thing vis-a-vis the Latin American invasion are excoriated! Smacks greatly of hypocrisy to me. If the American native inhabitants had a right to their languages and cultures, so do Euro-Americans. Mexicans, Salvadorans, Hondurans, et al, have their own countries, their cultures, their traditions. No one is trying to usurp their rights to their own heritage, yet we Americans are somehow "wrong" for wanting to retain our own culture in our own country.
    I and many millions of Americans do not want to live in northern Mexico, we do not want to "press two for English", we do not want to have to speak Spanish in order to function in our stores and businesses, and we do not want all the cultural baggage of Latin American bottom-feeders inflicted on our country (MS 13, anyone?).
    Demography is destiny, as proven by the fact that we are not communicating in some form of Welsh or Old English.
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