Bloggings on Dysfunctional Government

by Angelo Paparelli

November 26, 2012

  • Kings County Attorney
    Editing a comment
    Dear Angelo,

    I think I liked your old observations about the lottery. I too changed my view of it, but in the other way.

    I am an attorney in New York and people who are, were or would to be, immigrants are a large part of my practice. Everyone can agree that numbers should be increased, especially for employment-based categories and I would add for Family based 1 and 3, but I think I like your old idea regarding the DV. I may have towed the party line and supported it, and really gave it no thought, until one day about six years ago a client who was having trouble with immigration but who had been here since grade school told me as an aside, I can't legally work, but some cousin I never met before just came to the US and is living with us because he won the lottery - I have nothing. I really changed my views on the lottery at that point. Use those numbers, if the numbers aren't going to be increased overall, to help people with some tie to the US, or if not, at least me smart about and use the numbers to start some self-sponsorship system.

    But you are right about why all the focus on STEM graduates. If you only favor stem then that would have thrown the vast majority of successful innovators overboard. Thank you for saying that.
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