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Many Defer Applying for Deferred Action

Following the recent rhetoric on the Republican platform, many undocumented youth will be sending their DACA application after the presidential elections. Fearing that filing an application to Deferred Action and coming out as undocumented to immigration authorities might lead to their deportation, some will not be pursuing Obama’s policy right away. An article by New America Media states that many undocumented immigrants postponing applications want to be sure first that President Obama gets re-elected. That would provide them some assurance the deferred action program will not be discontinued were he to lose, thus placing them and their families in jeopardy of being deported. Let us know your thoughts.

Bush on Immigration

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush recently criticized the GOP for having taken such a harsh stance on immigration. Mr. Bush explained in an interview with NBC, “Is it a useful tool politically for some Republicans to stay focused on the political issue, the wedge issue? It might be, I don’t know, but I don’t think that’s right for our country.” Furthermore, he stated, “[w]e've got to have a better tone going forward over the long haul for sure…You can't ask people to join your cause and then send a signal that you're really not wanted. It just doesn't work." Fearing that, in the long run, the conservative view Republicans have on immigration will be detrimental to the party in regard to Hispanic votes. While Mr. Bush emphasizes the importance of securing borders and blocking undocumented immigration, he is nonetheless a supporter of the DREAM Act. Mr. Bush remains an influential individual for the Republican Party, but do you think the party will heed his advice and soften its views on immigration, and if so, how will it affect our immigration system? Share your thoughts here!

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