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  1. Immigration Daily: June 21
  2. The Rise Of Asian Americans by Paul Taylor, et al for the Pew Hispanic Center
  3. Immigration Daily Comments On Letter From Twenty Republican Senators To The President
  4. Crushing ICE? The Case of U.S. v. Ronning Landscape, Inc. by Ann Cun
  5. Immigration Daily: June 25, 2012
  6. Article: DREAMer Deferred Action Questions And Concerns by Alan Lee
  7. Article: Obama's New Immigration Initiative: "Slight Of Hand" by Dan Vara
  8. Bloggings: Romney Immigration Address Baffles Observers by Greg Siskind
  9. Bloggings: WARNING to DREAMers That Want To Apply For Deferred Action by Matthew Kolk
  10. Bloggings: Supreme Court's Radical Right Majority Is Expected To Deal Two Devastating
  11. Bloggings: PERM Withdrawal During Audit Or Supervised Recruitment May Have Consequenc
  12. Bloggings: Immigration Lawyers Arguing: "Can I Work From Home For A Foreign Employer?
  13. News: Supreme Court Issues Mixed Opinion On Arizona Immigration Law
  14. Article: Justice Department Sues Major U.S. Egg Producer for Discrimination Caused by
  15. Article: How Will SB1070 Impact U.S. Employers? by Ann Cun
  16. Article: Expanded List of STEM Eligible Degrees Announced by Sheela Murthy et al.
  17. Article: Challenges Ahead on Implementing Executive Action to Prevent Deportation of Unauthorized Youth
  18. Bloggings on Immigration Law and Policy by Greg Siskind
  19. Bloggings on Political Asylum by Jason Dzubow
  20. Bloggings on Immigration Law by Roger Algase
  21. Article: Lamar Smith Questions Handling Of Deferred Action In Letter To ICE
  22. Article: U.S. Expands Interview Waiver Eligibility for Non-Immigrant Visa Applicants
  23. Article: USCIS to Welcome More Than 4,000 New Citizens During Independence Day Celebrations
  24. Article: USCIS Unable to Resume Processing Adoptions from Montenegro
  25. Immigration Daily: July 5, 2012
  26. Article: I-9 And E-Verify Software Due Diligence After Rose Acre Farms
  27. Article: Immigrants of the week: Iris Gomez and Rihanna
  28. Article: Bloggings on Immigration Law
  29. Bloggins on I-9 E-Verify Immigration Compliance
  30. Bloggings on Deportation and Removal
  31. Bloggings on Immigration Update
  32. Bloggings on Immigration Law and Policy
  33. News: USCIS Postpones July 9 Stakeholder Meeting On Deferred Action
  34. Article: Deferred Action Process for Young People Who Are Low Enforcement Priorities
  35. Immigration Daily: July 6, 2012
  36. Article: Letter From Twenty Republican Senators To The President
  37. Immigration Daily: July 9, 2012
  38. Blogging: Applying For Deferred Action? Proceed With Caution by Carl Shusterman
  39. Blogging: Suggestions For Organizations Who Assist The Undocumented by Deferred Actions Oranizations Blog
  40. Blogging: Suggestions For Organizations Who Assist The Undocumented by Deferred Actions Oranizations Blog
  41. Blogging: Immigration Egregore: The "Illegal Immigrant" Slur by Angelo Paparelli
  42. Blogging: Would Mitt Romney Really Be Worse For Immigration Than Barack Obama? by Roger Algase
  43. Blogging: More Companies To Be Covered By Georgia's E-Verify Law On July 1 by Bruce Buchanan
  44. Travel Abroad And Reentry With Advance Parole Safer by Sheela Murthy et al.
  45. DOJ Issues Flyer On Best Practices For Job Postings
  46. News: DOJ Issues Flyer On Proper Uses of E-Verify
  47. H-1 Visa Issuance Perils by Rajiv Khanna
  48. The Ties That Bind: Can Family Unity Co-Exist With Maintanance Of Lawful Permanent Resident Status? by Gary Endelman and Cyrus D. Mehta
  49. Blogging: More About "Mitts Immigration Plan" by Roger Algase
  50. Blogging: Obama Administration Being Sued for using Secure Communities to Detain U.S. Citizen in Maximum Security Prison for Two Months by Mattew Kolken
  51. DHS Releases Report On Nonimmigrant Admissions For FY 2011
  52. SCOTUS Denies Arizona's Request To Postpone 9th Cir. Ruling Striking Down Forcing Voters To Prove Citizenship
  53. Immigration Daily: July 10, 2012
  54. Real Estate As A Capital Contribution For EB-5 by Joseph Whalen
  55. Blogging: August Visa Bulletin Dates Are Out by Greg Siskind
  56. Article: Blogging: Obama Vs. Romney: The Immigration Battle by Danielle Beach-Oswald
  57. Blogging: North Koreans Find Refuge in the United States by Jason Dzubow
  58. Blogging: Most Recent Statistics Show that 62 Percent of All Federal Criminal Convictions Are For Immigration Related Crimes by Matthew Kolken
  59. Blogging: Which Is The Better Choice For Immigration: Scylla Or Charybdis? by Roger Algase
  60. USCIS Reminder On Child Citizenship Act
  61. Immigration Daily: July 11, 2012
  62. Blogging: Obama Administration's next target may be Sanctuary Cities by Matthew Kolke
  63. Blogging: Governor Corbett signs Pennsylvania E-Verify Law by Bruce Buchanan
  64. Blogging: Obama v. Romney in 2012; Johnson v. Goldwater in 1964: Any Similarities? by
  65. Article: Justice Department Complaint Reveals Electronic I-9 Compliance Failures by J
  66. News: DOL Announces Record Settlement In H-2A Violation Case
  67. Immigration Daily: July 12, 2012
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  73. Article: Georgetown Professor's New Book Says Immigration Is Among The Reasons Why Th
  74. Immigration Daily: July 13, 2012
  75. News: DOS Updates Terrorism Designation FAQs
  76. News: DHS Issues Statement On Exercise Of Authority Under INA Related To KLA
  77. Blogging: Obama Administration Sued For Continued Enforcement Of Defense Of Marriage
  78. Blogging:South Carolina Starts Enforcement Of Its New E-Verify Law by Bruce Buchanan
  79. Blogging: BIA Makes Procedural Exception To The One Year, Thus Expanding The Meaning
  80. Blogging: Why Did The Department of Homeland Security Cave In To Florida Governor Ric
  81. Article: Obama's Secret Anti-Immigration Campaign by David Bier
  82. Article: Immigration Law - Moving Away From Individual Rights by Jennifer Oltarsh
  83. Article: Visas For Entrepreneurs: How Countries Are Seeking Out Immigrant Job Creator
  84. Immigration Daily: July 16, 2012
  85. Article: HR 3012: A Good Bill Saddled With A Bad Amendment by Myriam Jaidi
  86. Article: Age And Educational Requirements For DREAMER Deferred Action by Alan Lee, Es
  87. Blogging: How The Obama Administration Is Protecting America - Against A Leading Inte
  88. News: USCIS Releases E-Verify Guide For Web Services Users
  89. News: USCIS Releases E-Verify Guide For Direct Access Users
  90. Immigration Daily: July 17, 2012
  91. Article: Why Value Procurement Is Critical to I-9 Compliance by Ann Cun
  92. Article: Know Your Audience by Joseph Whalen
  93. Blogging: The Obama Administration Turns One Of The Most Basic Principles Of Immigrat
  94. Blogging: Expedited CES At CGFNS by Chris Musillo
  95. News: CRS Report On Homeland Security Department: FY2011 Appropriations
  96. Immigration Daily: July 18, 2012
  97. Article: The New TPS Adjustment Option - Are You Eligible? by Charles Kuck
  98. Article: When Is A Flat Fee Refundable? by Ed Poll
  99. Blogging: Obama Expands Lead with Latino Voters by Greg Siskind
  100. Blogging: Report: Children Bear Greatest Burden of Obama's Deportation Policy by Matt
  101. Blogging: Hosting A Deferred Action Workshop In Your Community by Deferred Action Org
  102. News: USCIS Releases Interim Policy Memorandum For Comment On Expiration Of Status Fo
  103. Immigration Daily: July 19, 2012
  104. Obama's Childhood Arrival Promise Graph
  105. News: CRS Report On Analysis Of June 15,2012 DHS Memorandum, Exercising Prosecutorial
  106. News: DHS Releases Full Remarks Of Secretary Napolitano To House Judiciary Committee
  107. News: House Democrats Write Obama Letter In Support Of Deferred Action
  108. Blogging: Report: Number of Pending Deportations Reaches All-Time High by Matthew Kol
  109. Blogging: The Asylum Affidavit, Part 1: The Passive Tense Should Not Be Used by Jason Dzubow
  110. Blogging: Supreme Court Sustains Arizona 'Show Me Your Papers' Provision, Blocks Rema
  111. Article: Immigrants of the week : Sofia Vergara and Vineet Singal by Greg Siskind
  112. Article: AILA's Crystal Williams - An 11 Percent Raise to 276,792 Per Year - Outrageous! by Kenneth Rinzler
  113. Immigration Daily: July 20, 2012
  114. Article: Labor Condition Application - Extensive Revisions Proposed by Sheela Murthy
  115. Blogging: Hot From Miami: Four Fresh And Seasoned Immigration Reform Proposals by Rox
  116. Blogging: Aurora - Caving Into Evil Hurts All Americans, Not Just Immigrants by Roger
  117. Blogging: How Many Visas Are Used By Healthcare? by Chris Musillo
  118. News: DOL Releases FY2012 Statistics On PERM Program
  119. News: DOL Releases FY2012 Statistics On Prevailing Wage Determination
  120. News: DOL Releases FY2012 Statistics On H-1B Program
  121. News: DOL Releases FY2012 Statistics On H-2a Program
  122. News: DOL Releases FY2012 Statistics On H-2B Program
  123. Blogging: Immigrants of the Day by Greg Siskind
  124. Immigration Daily: July 23, 2012
  125. News: CRS Report On Homeland Security Department: FY2011 Appropriations
  126. Blogging:Immigrant of the Day: Phillip Dutton - Olympic Athlete by Greg Siskind
  127. Blogging: Does The Obama Administration Impose "Illegal, Cruel, And Unusual Punishmen
  128. Blogging: Anti-immigrant Hate Is Part Of A Larger Pattern Of Hatred Against Ethnic,Re
  129. Article: AILA Needs More Diversity by Harry DeMell
  130. Article: The H-1B Process Gets Even Harder: DOL Proposes Dramatic Changes To The LCA
  131. Immigration Daily: July 24, 2012
  132. News: USCIS Releases Informational Presentation On ELIS System
  133. Article: Was the Supreme Court Decision In Arizona V. United States Reasonable? by Le
  134. Article: Why A Broad State Schedule Of Controlled Substances Matters To The Client In
  135. Article: 4 Reasons Why I-9 Compliance Plague CEOs by Ann Cun
  136. Blogging: Lots Of Speculation Regarding Details Of Deferred Action Program by Greg Si
  137. Blogging: Latest Prosecutorial Discretion Statistics: Only 1.9 Percent Received Favorable Exercise by Matthew Kolken
  138. Blogging: Sen. "Big Government" Grassley by Chris Musillo
  139. Blogging: Rule On Physical Presence For Some Derivative Beneficiaries by Danielle Bea
  140. Blogging: DOJ Settles Claims Of Discrimination Against United Natural Foods by Bruce
  141. Blogging: When Service Centers Attackby Jason Dzubow
  142. Blogging: What Would Happen To Immigration Under An Illegitimate Romney Presidency? b
  143. News: USCIS Testimony Before House Judiciary Subcommittee On Immigration Fraud
  144. Immigration Daily: July 25, 2012
  145. News: DOS Issues Statement On Confidentiality Of Visa Records
  146. News: DHS Secretary Napolitano Testifies Before Homeland Security House Subcommittee
  147. News: Seventh Circuit Holds Sponsored Spouse Has No Duty To Mitigate For I-864 Purpos
  148. Blogging: America Needs To Deal With The Real Threats From Our Own Failed Policies -
  149. Blogging: A Better Phase-In Plan For HR3012 by Chris Musillo
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  153. News: DOS Affirms Designation Of Foreign Terrorist Organizations
  154. News: USCIS Announces Online Multilingual Resource Center
  155. Blogging: The Republicans Favor An Elite Few Over Average People On Taxes. Would They
  156. Blogging: Baltimore Welcoming Immigrants in Hopes of Revitalizing City by Greg Siskin
  157. Blogging: Shocking Video Shows More Than A Dozen Border Patrol Agents Beating Helples
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  160. Article: Consular Posts Book and AILA's Consular Practice Handbook. One Is Genuine, T
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  163. News: USCIS Releases Year-To-Date EB-5 Statistics
  164. Blogging: America Is Winning Many Olympic Medals. But Where Are Its Medals For Showin
  165. Blogging: Olympic Athlete Seeks Asylum Prior To Opening Ceremony by Jasob Dzubow
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  182. Blogging: Obama's Deportation Quotas Have Resulted In A Multi-Billion Dollar Cost To
  183. Blogging: The Asylum Affidavit, Part 2: Details, Details by Jason Dzubow
  184. Article: Role Of The Regional Center In EB-5 by Joseph Whalen
  185. Immigration Daily: August 2, 2012
  186. China EB2 Waiting Time Chart
  187. China EB3 Waiting Time Chart
  188. India EB2 Waiting Time Chart
  189. India EB3 Waiting Time Chart
  190. Immigration Daily: August 3, 2012
  191. News: House Oversight Committee Holds Hearing On Oversight Of OIG Investigations
  192. News: USCIS Releases Flowchart Explaining Deferred Action Process
  193. News: USCIS Releases Brochure On Deferred Action Process
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  197. Blogging: America Is Winning Many Olympic Medals. But Where Are Its Medals For Showin
  198. Blogging: Detained Immigrants Being Used As Slave Labor by Matthew Kolken
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  223. ICE Re-Audits Employer, Alleged Knowing Hiring of Unauthorized Workers
  224. Immigrant of the Day: Leo Manzano - Olympic Athlete
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  227. Aug 9 - The EB-5 Summit Early Bird Deadline
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  239. News: Ninth Cir. Holds It Lacks Jurisdiction To Review BIA Denials Of Motions To Reop
  240. News: DOS Announces Opening Of 2013 Diversity Visa Program Registrations On October 2, 2012
  241. Aug 10 - DREAM Act On Democratic Platform
  242. Aug 13 - Underestimating Deferred Action
  243. Blogging: Up to 1.76 Million Could Be Eligible For Deportation Relief - Here's How by Deferred Action Blog News
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